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Attraction from the deepwater: Siren

The dial face which embraced the gleam of Mother pearl shimmers like sand on the beach. This is PAULVICE’s Siren collection inspired by the attractive but dangerous mermaid Siren.

Siren is a mythological character that lures seamen with its beautiful singing voice. According to Greek mythology, Siren would wreck the ship on the rocky coastal area after enticing the sailors with its magnificent voice.


Siren is also a sexual symbol that represents temptation and desires.

PAULVICE captured the attractive but dangerous beauty of Siren into this minimalist watch that Korean women love! Sexual temptation and desire will engulf your wrist and your body with a strap of Siren.

The Siren watch embodies the deepwater wave and the Mother-of-pearl that adds a soft and delicate glow. The Siren bracelet will accentuate the beauty of the feminine touch and match perfectly with the watch. Its collection of interchangeable straps varies the ambiance and gives you a dazzling finish. It will produce a mystical mood that will highlight your charm.   PAULVICE Siren goes well with any outfit, and its sleek modern design makes you look confident.  

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